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UP SKILL Training Center

UP SKILL Training Center

UP SKILL is one of the most important activities offered by the city, which aims to improve the capabilities and skills of its trainees, whether graduates of the International Academy of Engineering and Media Sciences, or media workers, and media professionals inside and outside Egypt, in order to create promising media cadres, qualified on sound scientific grounds, which helps them to keep up with the great development in the field of media in its various branches, where the center provides Specialized courses, in the fields of various media, engineering and business management, and grants certificates accredited in specialized training in these fields, and is supervised by the training programs in the center elite professors, and experienced professional and scientific, in all training activities provided by the center.

The training center has recently witnessed a great development both in the training programs provided, and in terms of infrastructure, additional expansions have been made to the center, where it now includes 6 various training rooms, used for various training purposes, equipped with the latest modern training methods in addition to the modern "Mac" laboratory equipped with the latest programs for editing, in addition to a platter dedicated to training on talk shows, dramas, and the center was also provided MoJO studio  is equipped with the latest modern means, used in the fields of media, engineering and business management.

 There is no doubt that the presence of the Training and Development Center within the city of media production, is an additional advantage, to provide all the ingredients for success and excellence for the trainees, where it gives them a golden opportunity to enjoy all the great scientific and human capabilities of the city, and practical training within its studio.

The city administration provides all means of success and excellence to the center, to attract more students and trainees from brotherly Arab countries or friendly countries, through the signing of many protocols with Egyptian, Arab and international universities and african media students, to train within the center, and in order to achieve this, the city provided the center with an annex for expatriates of different nationalities, equipped with interpretation booths, and modern training halls, as the city allowed the center, to use the latest devices of its devices from different nationalities. The equipment and cameras of international cinematography, which it owns, to photograph the projects of training activities of the studyers, and to produce them with a high degree of quality that corresponds to the possibilities of the modern city.

Starting from being the largest media edifice in the region, the City of Media Production is keen to provide all means and elements of success, to the center of training , and to strengthen the foundations of cooperation and friendship with Arab and international universities and institutions, wishing to train its media cadres within the city, where it spares no effort in providing this service at the highest level of professionalism and professionalism and in a distinct training environment.

Some of our training programs:

·        Motion graphics program.

·        Post production program.

·        Digital marketing program.

·        Film directing program.

·        Cinematography program.

·        Architectural design program.

·        Tv & radio presenting program.

·        E-accounting program.

·        Project management &media organizations program.

·        Languages program.