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The International Director Neil Burger Visits EMPC

The International Director Neil Burger Visits EMPC

The International Director Neil Burger Visits EMPC


                The International director Neil Burger has finished shooting his latest movie in cooperation with the American production company Miramax. A large part of the movie was shot, from the 15th - 23rd July, in many locations and tourist attractions in Cairo and Giza governorates, including the Pyramids plateau, Khan El Khalili, Zamalek area, downtown streets, Cairo Airport, and one of Greater Cairo hotels. 

This was done in coordination with the Egyptian Media Production City company (EMPC), which undertakes this task with all foreign production works. On this occasion, the crew of the American production company Miramax had an inspection tour at EMPC to see its technical and technological capabilities, and the most important shooting locations within its premises. The crew visited the outdoor shooting areas and saw the diversity in their architectural styles. They also visited the hotel and the Dolby Atmos studio which is considered the latest in sound recording techniques, in addition to the Center for the Restoration of Film Heritage, which is considered the latest in the Middle East, through which old documentaries are restored, renewed and preserved from damage or getting old, using the latest technologies applied in this field worldwide.

At the end of the visit, the delegation expressed its admiration for the city’s technical and technological capabilities and studios that are equipped with modern filming means, as well as the outdoor shooting areas that put the city on the map of filming international movies.

It is noteworthy to mention that the American movie was implemented in Egypt, in cooperation between EMPC and Misr International Films Company, for the Miramax production company. EMPC, through its Center for Foreign filming Services, has provided all the facilities and obtained the necessary permits to shoot the film and provide production services, in light of the authority granted to it to issue shooting permits for foreign films in Egypt.

The center has recently supervised the filming of more than 16 foreign films representing a number of the most famous international cinemas, including the American, German, Swiss, Norwegian, and Colombian. Moreover, the center is also the only official body that has the right to issue permits to shoot foreign films in Egypt.