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Abdel-Fattah El-Jibaly during his Meeting with the Egyptian International Director Mohamed Diab

Abdel-Fattah El-Jibaly during his Meeting with the Egyptian International Director Mohamed Diab

Abdel-Fattah El-Jibaly during his Meeting with the Egyptian International Director Mohamed Diab


Abdel-Fattah El-Jibali, Chairman of the Egyptian Media Production City company (EMPC), stressed that the state is keen to provide all facilities and capabilities, to attract international film production companies to film their works in Egypt, and to overcome the obstacles that might face the filming of these works. He noting that the Egyptian state is sparing no effort in supporting and assisting this activity and removing all administrative and bureaucratic obstacles to encourage these companies to work in Egypt.

This came during Al-Jibali’s meeting with the international Egyptian director Mohamed Diab, who is currently visiting Egypt. Al-Jibali briefed Diab on EMPC technological and human capabilities as it is considered one of the major media and cultural institutions that represent part of Egypt’s soft power, with its studios, state-of-the-art technical, and human capabilities and outdoor shooting areas which are characterized by their diversity and richness, the matter that suits all types of filming.

Al-Jibali added that all the state concerned authorities in the state are tackling all the problems related to foreign photography to develop a complete vision for it and find solutions to all the obstacles that might face the committee, that was formed for this

purpose. The state has entrusted the Foreign filming Committee, which was formed under the chairmanship of the Egyptian Media Production City company, and the membership of the relevant ministries, all matters of licenses and permits necessary for these works in accordance with the laws of the state in this regard, through the one-stop shop system, the system that contributes to eliminating the filming obstacles that were facing Foreign production companies in the past.

He added that EMPC's existence within the media public free zone premises contributes to enjoying all the advantages offered by this system, including customs exemptions and administrative facilities.

He pointed out that a global website is under construction on the Internet, through which all the necessary information about filming in Egypt is published. It includes many available filming locations, as well as the procedures and facilities provided by the state, whether administrative or related to customs, and all matters related to foreign filming in Egypt to serve as a comprehensive guide for all international film directors and producers, and those interested in the film industry in general.

For his part, Diab expressed his happiness with this visit, and his meeting with its officials, to get closely acquainted with the most important facilities and services it provides and the efforts made to attract international movies filming to Egypt, which is a mission that EMPC has taken upon itself, noting that he has a number of movie projects about Egypt that will achieve great publicity and convey the true image of its nature, with full transparency, to the movie makers in the West. Diab added that

Egypt enjoys all the elements of success to produce international films, especially with its natural landscapes, various filming locations and desert places that are not available in other countries and suit all types of filming.

Finally, the guest had a tour at EMPC outdoor shooting areas to watch closely the great development they witnessed recently regarding its infrastructure, the great diversity of its scenes and its state-of-the-art filming facilities and services.