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Heikal Receives Japan Ambassador To Egypt

Heikal Receives Japan Ambassador To Egypt

Heikal Receives Japan Ambassador To Egypt


H.E. Osama Heikal, Egypt Minister of State for Information received H.E. Masaki Noki, the Ambassador of Japan to Egypt to discuss means of mutual co-operation between the two countries in the media fields.

Heikal welcomed his guest confirming the importance of the Egyptian Japanese co-operation in various domains, especially at a time when the relations between the two countries are currently witnessing a great boom at all levels.

During the meeting, both parties discussed a number of important issues including the role of the State ministry of Information in planning Egypt media policy in a political sense rather than an administrative or executive one. In this context, the minister confirmed that media freedom will not be affected as we are living in an age that will no longer permit such a thing, especially after the great development in the fields of media and telecommunication. Transparency is nowadays considered an important principle in dealing with the media.

Moreover, both parties discussed the importance of dealing appropriately with the corona virus epidemic that has spread in a number of countries and the procedures taken by these countries to raise its people’s awareness regarding this issue. They stressed the importance of providing full information in a clear and transparent manner and at the right time before the spread of rumors and false judgements.

For his part, the Japanese Ambassador expressed his intention to enhance media cooperation with Egypt as there are several Japanese journalists and satellite channels operating in Egypt. In this context, the Japanese Ambassador expressed his desire that the State Minister of Information would intervene to help in solving a number of pending problems during their work in Egypt. The minister, in his turn, promised to help in removing any obstacles that might face resident foreign media in general and providing it with all possible facilities to broadcast the best media coverage.

Heikal invited the Japanese Ambassador to visit EMPC new media services center which offers the Arab and foreign satellite channels, resident in Egypt, premium media services and facilities. The center lies in a distinguished location downtown overlooking the Nile and includes many state-of-the-art studios provided with the latest modern technology.