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Nagwa, the romantic music teacher from Upper Egypt, travels to Cairo for a one day school trip and takes the chance to search for her former teacher, Miss Tahany. Their relationship has lasted for 13 whole years through letters and calls and suddenly it has stopped.

Nagwa goes to Miss Tahany's address in Heliopolis to find a new tenant, Yehia, the stock broker, instead of her teacher. Yehia tells her that Miss Tahany has disappeared over a year ago.

Nagwa tries to join her colleagues and students to go back to El-Menya but she misses the train. A taxi driver helps her to spend the night in a girls' dormitory. The following day, She looks again for Miss Tahany and asks to search in her old belongings (In the Heliopolis Flat) perhaps she could find a clue of her whereabouts.

Nagwa and Yehia meet again. At first, Yehia sees Nagwa as a weird person who he can't stand especially after breaking his mobile, the matter that has led to a disaster at his work. Moreover, his girlfriend asks him to marry her.

At the end, Nagwa and Yehia find something in common between them and before they depart, they realize that they are in love.

Written by: Wessam Suleiman
Directed by: Mohamed Khan
Starring by: Ghada Adel – Khaled Abou El-Nagha


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