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Welcome to International Academy for Engineering & Media Science

The purpose for an academy for media engineering and Media sciences inside EMPC is to make available to students the opportunity of first-hand learning and training; their lecture rooms and workshops being EMPC’s plateaus, shooting areas and technical support centres. They will be apprenticed at the hands of the real makers of drama and programmes on the set.

IAEMS was opened for enrollment in September 2001; its purpose is to initiate its students into the various methods and schools of thinking at the hands of experts and academicians. Study at IAEMS is carried out on a two-term certified-hour basis.. Most courses are given in English.IAEMS accepts graduates of the General Secondary School Certificate or of its Arab or foreign equivalents as accredited by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education. At the end their studies, IAEMS students obtain a BSc in any of the following specializations:

Media Science
Media Engineering

IAEMS also offers specialized technical diplomas and advanced training courses in the various media fields.

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